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With dedication and commitment, we are determined to provide the processing of formalities immigration documents and other necessary documents.
Expatriat Legal Document Procedure
1# Formality Services in Indonesia
According to the Immigration Law No. 9 of 1992, every foreign citizen living in Indonesia must have documents that support the validity of his existence in Indonesia.
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VISA/KITAS Service Since 1989
Sagita Jaya Mandiri is a national company that was established in 1989 until now engaged in general trading and services, especially formality services for foreigners living and working in Indonesia.
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PT. Sagita Jaya Mandiri is a national company that has been established since 1989-till now, is engaged in general trading and services, especially services formalities for foreigners who live and work in Indonesia.

According to the Immigration Act No.9 In 1992, every foreign citizen living in Indonesia must have the documents to support the validity of its existence in Indonesia. The documents issued by government agencies authorized to implement it. Therefore, withdedication and commitment, we are determined to provide immigration document processing and other documents required.

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